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About the Laboratory

The laboratory is the hub of the hospital. It has state of the art equipment and functions 24hrs a day 7 days a week. It processes 3000 tests/day. It has a staff of 75 personnel.

There are many well qualified pathologists, and Microbiologists , headed by Dr Nita Munshi, who has over 35 years of laboratory experience. The laboratory is in the process of rapid progress and expansion with continuous upgradation of tests and techniques.

The laboratory at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune is an integral part of the 550 bedded hospital with state of the art, latest technology, committed and hardworking pathologists/microbiologists and technicians, who cater to a wide range of specialities and super specialities of the hospital.

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Home Visits

Home Visits for Blood Tests is provided in and all around Pune. Contact telephone no for home visits is 66455510. We provide facility for Home Collection of samples anywhere in Pune. Contact telephone no. Is 66455510

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Test Menu of over 500 Tests and Profiles

All tests are performed with utmost precision and accuracy. The laboratory has a test menu of over 500 tests and profiles and processes over 3000 tests per day.

Different Tests
Post Graduation Programme

DNB in pathology

The laboratory has a structured teaching programme for post graduation in Pathology and trains students for DNB in pathology. The laboratory has an active post graduate teaching programme for DNB pathology.

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Our Departments

Rubyhall Pathlab Department Haematology


The Haematology department has 2 five part differential analyzers: LH 750 & 780 from Beckman Coulter to perform routine tests with accuracy.

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Bio Chemistry

The Biochemistry section has the VITROS 5600 from OCD, a dry chemistry analyzer, the only one in Pune, and Cobas 6000 from Roche,

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The Microbiology section functions as per the WHO & CLSI guidelines and antibiotic sensitivity reports are issued as per the International

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Histo Pathology and Cytology

The Histopathology and Cytology dept of the laboratory is equipped with the latest state of the art equipments for frozen sections

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Rubyhall Pathlab Department Microbiology

Molecular Biology

The department also has a very well equipped molecular biology PCR laboratory wherein stringent quality control measures are practiced

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The Serology section has a fully automated random access analyzer (from Abbott) – Architect i1000, and a chemiluminescence analyzer-

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Immunohaematology department performs tests for Transplant – namely HLA Tissue typing and Lymhocyte cross match.

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Clinical Pathology

In Clinical Pathology, apart from Routine tests , Occult blood in stool, porphobilinogen, Myoglobinuria, Sudan stain for Fats for steatorrhoea,

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The laboratory has NABL accreditation by the Quality Council of India since 2009 and thus is very quality conscious in all its processes.
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Professional Staff


Professional Staff

Bedded Hospital


Bedded Hospital

Bedded Hospital


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