Schedule: The laboratory functions 24x7 including holidays and Sundays.
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About the Laboratory

The laboratory is the hub of the hospital. It has state of the art equipment and functions 24hrs a day 7 days a week. It processes 3000 tests/day.

It has a staff of 75 personnel. There are many well qualified pathologists, and Microbiologists , headed by Dr Nita Munshi, who has over 35 years of laboratory experience.

The laboratory is in the process of rapid progress and expansion with continuous upgradation of tests and techniques.

The laboratory at Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune is an integral part of the 550 bedded hospital with state of the art, latest technology, committed and hardworking pathologists/microbiologists and technicians, who cater to a wide range of specialities and super specialities of the hospital.

The reports are emailed to the registered email address of the patient, or they can be collected at a Kiosk located on the ground floor of the hospital, at any time of the day or night.

All the sub sections of the lab are fully automated and follow stringent quality control measures. Daily Internal controls are run, and the laboratory participates in External quality control programmes as well.

Our vision is ‘ Empowering better health with diagnostic insights’.

Our Mission

Our three goals are:

  • A healthier world
  • To Build value
  • Creating an inspiring workplace.

Our 5 point strategy is to:

  • Restore growth
  • Drive operational excellence
  • Simplify the processes
  • Refocus on diagnostic information services
  • Deliver disciplined capital deployment

Ruby Hall Pathlab Team Members

Our Team Members

  • Dr Nita Munshi
  • Dr Vaishali Patil
  • Dr Harshal Patil
  • Dr Shilajit Bhattacharya
  • Dr Taher Charchhodwala
  • Dr Aniruddh Puntambekar
  • Dr Rupali Suryawanshi
  • Dr Mrunalini Nandedkar
  • Dr Varsha Deshpande
  • Dr Ram Patil
  • Dr Manisha Banugaria
  • Dr Ashok Marathe

Our staff of – 40 Technologists, 10 Executives, 15 Support staff are agile, customer focused, transparent and performance oriented.