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Our Departments

Rubyhall Pathlab Department Haematology


The Haematology department has 2 five part differential analyzers: LH 750 & 780 from Beckman Coulter to perform routine tests with accuracy.

The department also performs specialized haemat procedures such as electrophoresis, Thalassemia studies, Hb F, Work up for Haemolytic Anemia, i.e. G6PD, Ham’s test, Sucrose lysis test, Bone Marrow studies etc.

There is an automated coagulation analyzer for performing coagulation assays, Prothrombin Time, Activated Partial Thromboplastin time, Fibrinogen Assay, Thrombin Time, D-Dimer assay, Lupus anticoagulant assay,Thrombophilia Test for DVT and a TEG (thromboelastograph) for post cardiac surgery assessment of coagulopathies.


Bio Chemistry

The Biochemistry section has the VITROS 5600 from OCD, a dry chemistry analyzer, the only one in Pune, and Cobas 6000 from Roche, Both integrated state of the art analysers, wherein hormone assays such as thyroid function tests, fertility profiles, tumor markers, drug assays, etc are performed. The lab also has facilities for performing special tests such as Vit D3, Growth Hormone Tests, PTH, Insulin etc.

The department performs special tests such as Kappa – Lambda Light Chains & IgG, IgM, IgA for Myeloma patients, quantitative Procalcitonin for sepsis patients, TIBC levels, Ferritin, Vitamin B12,for anemia patients, Vitamin D , Arthritis profile, etc.

The department also does protein electrophoresis , blood gas analysis, HBA1C for diabetes by HPLC method which is a gold standard.



The Microbiology section functions as per the WHO & CLSI guidelines and antibiotic sensitivity reports are issued as per the International NCCLS guidelines. All routine bacterial cultures, TB cultures, fungal cultures are performed. The hospital lab has acquired the Rapid blood / fluid culture and TB culture systems for rapid culture on the Bactec FX, Phoenix & Vitek 2 systems.

The lab has a whole range of tests for detection of Tuberculosis, speciation for the type of Tubercle bacillus, DNA, RNA and Gene Xpert. All these tests are done by genetic resisitance testing , and results are available within 4-5 days! We are the ONLY hospital in Pune to have started this entire rapid range of tests.

Yeast Identification and sensitivity are also provided.


Histo Pathology and Cytology

The Histopathology and Cytology dept of the laboratory is equipped with the latest state of the art equipments for frozen sections, immunohistochemistry (Tumor Markers), and cytology by cytocentrifuge to facilitate diagnosis of malignancies. More than 80 IHC markers are tested in the lab.

Immunofluorescence microscopy has also been established which aids in the diagnosis of various kidney and skin disorders. There is a teaching microscope with camera attachment wherein slides can be photographed, and video recorded for discussions across the globe.



The Serology section has a fully automated random access analyzer (from Abbott) – Architect i1000, and a chemiluminescence analyzer-

Elisa tests are performed for Dengue, Anti-cardiolipin antibody, Auto-immune tests like ANA, dsDNA by an automated analyser with short turn around times. We have Immunofluorescence expertise for daignosing various autoimmune disorders, like NMO, HU, etc for neurological disorders.

Tests for Typhoid, Brucella, Fever Panel, Meningitis, Pneumonia, are all done here.

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Molecular Biology (PCR Laboratory)

The department also has a very well equipped molecular biology PCR laboratory wherein stringent quality control measures are practiced for all molecular tests. The tests include HIV viral load, HbsAg DNA, HCV RNA, HSV, TB, and leptospira tests by PCR.
We are authorized for H1N1 testing, influenza testing, by Gene Xpert. We do post transplant viral testing by PCR.



Immunohaematology department performs tests for Transplant – namely HLA Tissue typing and Lymhocyte cross match . The crossmatch test is done for all Maharashtra outside of Mumbai and provided for cadaver as well as live transplants day & night., Sunday or holiday.

Flowcytometry is done for Leukemias and lymphomas.

Clinical Pathology

Clinical Pathology

In clinical pathology, apart from Routine tests , Occult blood in stool, porphobilinogen, Myoglobinuria, Sudan stain for Fats for steatorrhoea, BJ protein, Ruberculin tests, etc are performed.