Schedule: The laboratory functions 24x7 including holidays and Sundays.
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Different Tests

All tests are performed with utmost precision and accuracy.

The laboratory has a test menu of over 500 tests and profiles and processes over 3000 tests/day.

Some routinely done tests are:

CBC/Haemogram, Blood sugar, Renal function tests/ Liver function tests,
Lipid profile, Urine, Stool, Semen and Body Fluid examination,
Hormone tests including Thyroid function tests, Cancer markers, Cardiac markers, Vitamin B12,Vitamin D, Tests for Thalassemia, Microbial Culture and Sensitivity testing, FNAC, Pap smear, Biopsy reporting. All tests for Tuberculosis, Meningitis, Dengue and H1N1 are performed.

Many profiles are tested, to name a few:

  • Anaemia profile
  • Autoimmune profile
  • Cardiac profile ( Heart risk test)
  • Thrombophilia profile
  • PUO ( Fever profile)
  • Pneumonia profile
  • Tests for pregnancy/ infertility
    • Arthritis profile
    • Stroke profile
    • Thalassemia profile
    • Lipid profile
    • Transplant profile
    • Leukaemia profile

The lab has been permitted by the PMC to do H1N1 testing.

The lab also does tests for
Organ transplantation, which includes HLA- Tissue typing, Crossmatch and PRA test
for Kidney, Liver, Heart and Bone Marrow transplants.

Bone marrow examination is done by the pathologists as an OPD procedure .

Test for Typhoid, Jaundice , Dengue, Malaria, Leukemia , malignancy , PAP smear examination and biopsy reports  are done routinely .

Immunohistochemistry , Immunofluorescence,  and molecular pathology are tested for biopsies, skin and kidney biopsies, and various cancers.